"Jennifer Stevenson is my goddess. In this book, trash is power. Trash Sex Magic is a springtime bacchanalia of beautiful, wild women, magic trees and sexy men—love it!"

— Nalo Hopkinson, author of The Salt Roads

Trash Sex Magic

by Jennifer Stevenson
Coming June 15, 2004!

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Hardcover $26
Trade paperback $16

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Read an excerpt from Jen Dornfeld's most recent book, written under the name Jennifer Stevenson.

"It was a proverb of the 16th Century: On Hallowmass Eve troll notte thy broomstick bye ye caravan park, for thou wottist notte who maye mount thereon. I had paid it little heed since learning it years ago, and planned to read this grand book one chapter at a time. I'd scarcely begun the second when I fell under the author's spell."

—Gene Wolfe, author of Knight