I started reading romance with Phyllis Whitney.  I think I imprinted on Columbella.  It was a bit too scary for me, but at the same time it gripped me with a story of a girl whose mother is eating her alive.  I also started reading Georgette Heyer about the same time, and very many books by P.G. Wodehouse, whose romantic comedies don't have a woman's touch but are nevertheless very happy and cleverly plotted.

 I also got into science fiction at around age twelve.  See my other website, www.jenniferstevenson.com, for stuff about my fantasy and science fiction stories.

 I live in Chicago, where I own a scenery shop, Hawkeye Scenic Studios, www.hawkeyescenic.com, with my husband.  We have two cats, a yard full of big trees, and way too many books.  I swim every day and ride horses several times a week. For our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary my husband built me something he calls 'the bubbaque' out of two big steel drums and a motor.  I'm always interested in learning new wrinkles on pig roasting, so send me your pig roasting wisdom! author@jendornfeld.com


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